Online PHP Confusion/encrypt/decrypt

This tool prompts PHP source code online confusion, source code encryption and decryption tools.

Online WebSocket test

WebSocket tests, connects, receives, disconnects, and sends information online.

Online Regular Expression

Regular expression testing tools, commonly used regular expressions, regular code online generation

Online HTTP Test

Online HTTP interface test - HTTP GET/POST simulation request test tool.

Online Base64/URL/Native2Ascii

Online Base64 Encode/Decode、Url Encode/Decode、Ascii to Native to Ascii、Ascii Unicode to Ascii

Online Htaccess to nginx

This tool only provides Apache (.htaccess) conversion to NGINX configuration file function.

Online Cron Expression

Accurately set the Crontab timed task online tool, Crontab performs time calculations.

Online Conversion

In-line conversion, binary, octal, decimal, hexadecimal, thirty binary, triple hexadecimal, five octade, sixty binary, six hexadecimal online interchange

Online Encryption tool

Online encryption, MD5, MACMD5 encryption, SHA1, SHA224, SHA256, SHA384, SHA512, SHA3 encryption, AES encryption/decryption, DES encryption/decryption, Rabit encryption/decryption, Rabit Legacy encryption/decryption, RC4 encryption/decryption, RC4Drop encryption-Decryption, TripleDES Encryption/Decryption, Ripemd160 Encryption/Encryption